Flexible and Efficient

Whether you need temperature control for just a few tanks or a complete climate management for the entirety of your cellar, WFT has designed and developped many solutions adapted to the exigences of winemaking:

Find your VinPilot® fermentation control system today

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    VinPilot® Pro

    VinPilot® Pro, our world leading fermentation control system, combines cutting-edge control technologies with functional design. It allows you a tremendous amount of control over your winemaking processes while remaining highly accessible and easy to use.

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    VinPilot® Smart

    VinPilot® Smart comes second in the VinPilot® series. It has been designed for all of your operations that only require temperature control. With its two switching relays, VinPilot® Smart can be used to cool or heat and can also be set to follow an automatic temperature mode.

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    VinPilot® Easy

    VinPilot® Easy is the perfect control system for small batches and installations that require a great amount of flexibility. You can manage fermentation temperature using our VinPilot® Easy software or directly at the tanks in just a few seconds.

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    VinPilot® One

    With VinPilot® One, we have succeeded in developing a fermentation control system capable of satisfying the high quality requirements of wineries while keeping an excellent price to performance ratio.

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    VinPilot® One Compact

    While leading in fermentation control systems, we developed a solution specially designed for smaller wine cellars: the VinPilot® One Compact, a temperature controller at a very competitive price.

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    VinPilot® Panel

    The VinPilot® Panel gives you access to a modern control unit to keep a constant overview of your wine cellar. Our main goal while developing the VinPilot® Panel was to offer you the best value for money with maximal reliability and usability.

Gain in efficiency with our management softwares

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    VinPilot® Manager

    For years we have striven to build and improve VinPilot® Manager, a software dedicated to your cellar fermentation control management, created to fulfill one goal: to make your daily operations as easy and simple as possible.

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    VinPilot® GO

    VinPilot® GO embarks all the features of our VinPilot® Manager software on your Android or iOS phone, for an easy operability of your production right in your pocket.

Additional products for fermentation control

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    VinPilot® Valve Pro

    The best fermentation control system is only as valuable as the valve it controls. That is why we paid particular attention to develop a motorized ball valve that deliver high performance and functionality while reaching high levels of reliability: the VinPilot® Valve Pro.

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    Micro & Macro Oxygenation

    Macro- and Micro-oxygenation consists of a smoothly regulated addition of oxygen to your must or wine during the fermentation process. It will greatly help you with the colour, balance and production time of your wine.

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    Micro Vinification

    Micro vinification enables the setting of production standards as well as experimental production of wine. With MicroCool Combi, our Micro vinification solutions, we want to offer you our expertise in wine technology and help you create the exact wine you have in mind.