VinPilot® Easy

VinPilot® Easy is the perfect control system for small batches and installations that require a great amount of flexibility. You can manage fermentation temperature using our VinPilot® Easy software or directly at the tanks in just a few seconds.


VinPilot® Easy gives you the most fundamental option of control over the fermentation control of your wine. With only a simple installation, your are able to manage the temperature of your tanks during vinification.

VinPilot® Easy comes with a fixed or cable temperature probe, allowing you to monitor easily each one of your tanks individually and heat or cool your must in real time to guarantee a perfect fermentation temperature. In addition to this, the VinPilot® Easy software, a lighter version of the VinPilot® Manager gives you the tools to manage all of your tanks from your computer, while remaining able to adjust the temperature directly at the tank if you want to.

If your production capacity grows and your needs change, it is easy to make your VinPilot® Easy solution follow this evolution. You can upgrade your system with the VinPilot® Smart and benefit from more options to make it even easier to manage fermentation temperature.

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