Flexible and Efficient

Whether you need temperature control for just a few tanks or a complete climate management for the entirety of your cellar, WFT has designed and developped many solutions adapted to the exigences of winemaking:

  • simple and flexible with VinPilot® One and VinPilot® Easy, giving you extended freedom of action with efficient temperature control.
  • more management tools with VinPilot® Smart, the VinPilot® Manager software and VinPilot® GO mobile App for Android and iOS, making it easy for you to keep track of large batches.
  • extended control over your cellar environment with VinPilot® Pro and the many features it offers you and your production.


  • VinPilot One

    With VinPilot® One, we have succeeded in developing a fermentation control system capable of satisfying the high quality requirements of… Read more

  • VinPilot Easy

    VinPilot® Easy is the perfect control system for small batches and installations that require a great amount of flexibility. You… Read more

  • VinPilot One Compact

    While leading in fermentation control systems, we developed a solution specially designed for smaller wine cellars: the VinPilot® One Compact,… Read more

  • VinPilot Smart

    VinPilot® Smart comes second in the VinPilot® series. It has been designed for all of your operations that only require… Read more

  • VinPilot Valve Pro

    The best fermentation control system is only as valuable as the valve it controls. That is why we paid particular… Read more

  • VinPilot Panel

    The VinPilot® Panel gives you access to a modern control unit to keep a constant overview of your wine cellar…. Read more

Process Control

  • VinPilot Brix

    To make the fermentation dependent of the sugar degradation, has been the wish from every dedicated oenologue since a very… Read more

  • VinPilot Pro

    VinPilot® Pro, our world leading fermentation control system, combines cutting-edge control technologies with functional design. It allows you a tremendous amount… Read more

  • VinPilot Oxy

    Macro- and Micro-oxygenation consists of a smoothly regulated addition of oxygen to your must or wine during the fermentation process…. Read more

  • Microvinification

    Micro vinification enables the setting of production standards as well as experimental production of wine. With MicroCool Combi, our Micro… Read more

  • VinPilot Venturi

    The Venturi Principle is well-known and of common use in many domains. The peculiar shape of the tube creates a… Read more


  • VinPilot Manager

    For years we have striven to build and improve VinPilot® Manager, a software dedicated to your cellar fermentation control management, created… Read more

  • VinPilot Go

    VinPilot® Go embarks all the features of our VinPilot® Manager software on your Android or iOS phone, for an easy operability of… Read more