The week from November 19. to 24. was particularly intense in events and encounters for the company WFT. We were taking parts in two international exhibitions: the Vinitech-Sifel in Bordeaux (France) from November 20. to 22. and the Austro Agrar Tulln (Austria) from November 21. to 24.
With estimated participants of respectively 45.000 (Bordeaux) and 61.000 (Tulln), they both constituted occasions not to be missed on the winemaking exhibition calendar.

Aware of constantly shifting needs of winemakers from around the world and the evolution of technics, WFT always puts innovation at the center of its approach towards wine technology. Here, we presented a refractometer for measuring and calculating the real-time density during wine fermentation.

These two exhibitions were of course rich in encounters and discussions with many winemakers, some coming as far as from Australia, South America or Caucasus and Middle-East to discover the latest technological advances in process control in wine fermentation.
Each winemaker has multiple and unique needs, and a great part of them were especially interested in our advanced solutions for process control, such as automatic and scheduled pump-over or micro- and macro-oxygenation.

After many months of development, we were proud to present our digital refractometer for the first time in France at the Vinitech-Sifel Bordeaux, to which visitors paid particular attention.
In combination with our VinPilot® systems, this technological innovation opens up a new era of fermentation control. For the first time will it not only be possible to precisely control temperature as well as the fermentation process.

Attached to the tank and remaining in place during fermentation, it records in real-time the fermentation speed and the fermentation status. The system is able to adjust automatically the temperature to correct the trajectory of the fermentation and work towards preventing a fermentation that goes too fast, too slow or that is about to stop. It will also be possible to adjust automatically the temperature to the current fermentation phase.
After successfully passing pre-series tests, our new digital refractometer is expected to be available by June 2019.

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It was therefore a great occasion to consider numerous projects for existing or future cellars in many regions of the world. With 20 years of experience and more than 1000 wineyards equipped with our products, we felt confident putting our expertise to work for these projects, and we are already looking forward to the ones we will achieve together.

It is with the desire to strengthen our presence and the availability of our products in France that we participated, and the results are up to our expectations!
Thanks to new agreements with French partners, leaders in their sector of activity, we can now ensure an optimal quality of service to French producers and winemakers. Purchasing and installing your ProChill® cooling system or VinPilot® process control in France has never been easier, and our after-sales service, never so responsive.

If you missed us in Bordeaux and Tulln and are interested in our cooling systems or process control solutions for winemaking, do not hesitate to contact us: we will put our expertise and experience to work together to find the solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

Some winemakers took great interest in the micro- and macro-oxygenation solutions offered by WFT. It especially allows the improvement of the quality of wines aged in tanks.